Software & IT Service Cost-Value Engineering Excellence - »Disruptive and digital Solutions with Artificial Intelligence«

We are the vendor and solution provider of disruptive and digitalized solutions in area of Software & IT Services. Our solutions empower our customers' core competencies by providing results and details in real-time, that are otherwise unavailable. We reduce the effort of resource and time spend of our customers in a disruptive way while at the same time increasing the quality of the results. Our solutions deliver complete transparency and highest accuracy and thus providing the foundation for our customers to make the best decisions.

Upon request, we also provide tailored solutions for (fully) digitalization of processes (budget and project planning, costing, evaluation and procurement) of our customers.

effution_gfx_1023.jpgCost-Value Calculation Tool (AI)
We have developed the unique Cost-Value Calculation Tool (AI) »sucCXess«® to make the calculation (estimation / measurement), simulation, and optimization of effort, schedule, resources, risks, and costs fast, simple, transparent, and accurate , for all kinds of software (custom, embedded, mobile, etc.) and IT services.
We offer intelligent benchmarking (EBE5 ™) of existing or desired solutions (requirements), technologies, processes, and qualifications (quality & cost drivers). The result includes evaluation, comparison, performance, and productivity of the actual and benchmark situation as well as the optimization potential.
effution_gfx_1024.jpgReverse Engineering
We offer reverse engineering of existing standard or custom build software products (enterprise, embedded, web, mobile, military, etc.), customizations and configurations of standard applications as well as IT services (design, transition, operation, support). The result includes the benchmark effort, schedule, resources, and costs.
Together with our customers, we have developed generic and standard solutions for the digitalization (partial / full automation) of processes in area of demand management, budget planning, project planning, cost / value engineering, controlling, sourcing, and procurement of Software & IT Services.