Software & IT Service Cost-Value Engineering Excellence - »Increase value and cost savings through our high-quality, measurable, and sustainable services at top benchmark level«

We are a full-service-provider and offer end-to-end services for all kinds of software development & maintenance, integration, transformation, and IT Services. This includes the calculation, simulation, and optimization of any software (e.g. standard, custom, embedded, mobile, etc.) and any IT service (e.g. design, transition, operations, support, etc.). Upon request we execute objective assessments, evaluations, and feasibility analysis, create a neutral expert-opinion about software products and IT services for departments, investors, businesses (merger & acquisition, MA), etc.

We are always willing to share our knowledge. Hence, we offer training for teams in methods and tools and implement / anchor benchmark solutions into our customers' processes.

The calculation includes the sizing of requirements (function, quality) and the measurement of their maturity as well as the clarification of all premises and qualty & cost drivers (technologies, processes, and qualifications). Hence, we create the calculation of effort, schedule, resources, risks, and costs for Software & IT Services in »4D«.
The simulation covers all kinds of software development & maintenance, integration, transformation, and IT services. Depending on the customer's request we simulate any situations, e.g. development processes (waterfall, Scrum, DevOps), new technologies, distributed teams, higher digitalization, maturity, and complexity, etc.
Training for teams includes all relevant cost-value engineering methods and tools. We offer special training for departments (demand, budget and project planning), sales, IT purchasing, cost / value engineering and controlling. We also offer the implementation / anchoring of our benchmark solution in the customer's processes.
The optimization includes requirements (technical, quality), process models (Waterfall, Scrum, DevOps etc.) and IT service processes (ITIL v4 etc.). It also includes technology productivity, team performance, error prevention, and risk mitigation, as well as the optimization of effort, schedule, resources, and costs.