»Unique knowledge and data basis. Scientific approach. Field-tested.«

Professional calculation (intelligent method-driven estimates or measurements), simulations, and optimizations require competences in 4 areas, as they all have a significant impact on effort, schedule, resources, risks, and costs independently. The precision of the results is the higher, the more transparency there is about all business / functional and quality requirements and all relevant impact factors from processes, technologies, and qualifications). In case data is missing, it can easily be compensated with valid assumptions, premises, or our benchmark values.
The disregard of impact factors, e.g. by focusing solely on sizing and project size inevitably lead to wrong results in the calculation and simulation of effort, schedule, resources, risks, and costs!

Sizing methods, also called estimation methods, are used for the objective sizing of the extent of Software & IT Service projects. All sizing methods return a size, but not effort, duration, or cost.

Benchmark Processes

Process models control the progress in Software & IT Services. They have a significant impact on effort, schedule, and costs. Their impact is independent of project size, technology, and quality & cost drivers.


Technologies serve to transfer requirements into operational Software & IT Services. They have a significant impact, but are independent of project size, processes, and quality & cost drivers.


Qualifications have a significant linear or exponential impact on the effort, schedule, and costs of Software & IT Services. These quality and cost drivers are independent of the size of the project, the processes, and technologies.