effution_gfx_1001.jpgAbout us
For 2 decades, we have been the benchmark for software & IT service calculation (intelligent method-driven estimation / measurement), simulation, and optimization of effort, schedule, resources, risks, and cost for all kinds of software developments & maintenance, integrations, transformations, and IT services.

We are the inventor, leading consultant, and solution provider for Software & IT Service Cost-Value Engineering and recognized as a most objective and trusted advisor.

effution_gfx_1027.jpgGuideline & Values
In a time of constant change and ongoing global increasing complexity, common and firmly established guidelines and values (responsibility, performance, respect, integrity) in the company, are an important orientation. They form the basis for pioneering innovations and sustainable success for us and our customers.

The commercial success with our customers and the individual self-fulfillment of our employees are inseparable objectives for us.

effution_gfx_1003.jpgHistory and Innovations
We are active in very high dynamic areas of applications, system & software development, and IT services. Hence, our history is characterized by scientific, professional and commercial successes, but also individual setbacks. However, it has always inspired us to develop pioneering innovations, that matter.

Our disruptive innovations include combination of methods, benchmark process, measurement of maturity, automation of sizing, Software & IT Service Cost-Value Engineering, and much more.

effution_gfx_1002.jpgShareholder & Management
Shareholders and Management of effution represent innovation, ojectivity, customer orientation, and reliability. The focus of our activities is to establish the trust of our customers, partners and employees in order to consolidate and continuously expand a sustainably successful business relationship.

Joachim Gielnik is the founder and sole shareholder of effution GmbH. effution acquired in September 2014 all assets, copyrights, trade marks, and all other intellectual properties of Cost Xpert.