• effution_gfx_1001.jpgWe are the Benchmark for Software & IT Service Cost-Value Engineering
    Calculation, Simulation and Optimization for all kinds of
    Software Developments & Maintenance, Integrations,
    Transformations, and IT Services.
    We provide unique competencies, intelligent services, and disruptive solutions.
  • effution_gfx_1006.jpg We have unique Knowledge and millions of data points about
    Methods, Processes,Technologies, and
    all relevant Quality and Cost drivers.
    We share our knowledge, experience, and data with our customers.
  • effution_gfx_1012.jpg We offer intelligent Services at the top Benchmark level of
    Calculation, Simulation, Training, and Optimization
    for the increase of Value and Savings
    We deliver measurable value and sustainable results.
  • effution_gfx_1019.jpg We provide disruptive Solutions in areas of our
    Cost-Value Calculation Tool (AI),
    Benchmarking, Reverse Engineering, and Digitalization.
    We implement solutions for highest automation, visibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Software & IT Service Cost-Value Engineering Excellence - »Reliable results, complete visibility, and highest accuracy in real-time - There is no black-box anymore«

We are the benchmark for the calculation, simulation, and optimization of effort, schedule, resources, risks, and costs for all kinds of software development & maintenance, integrations, transformations, and IT services: »fast«, »reliable«, »visible«, and »accurate«

We have a unique database, based on > 100 million open source repositories, that have been analyzed by our artificial Intelligence (also machine learning) and based on > 4.5 million industry, public sector, and military projects, that have been analyzed by our customers or by our team.

Competencies - Unique. Scientific. Field-tested.


  • Development, enhancement, and calibration of methods and metrics
  • Mapping, development, and enhancement of benchmark process models
  • Analysis and measurement of productivity (efficiency) of technologies
  • Analysis, evaluation, and development of impact factors (quality / cost drivers)

Services - Value. Measureable. Sustainable.


  • Calculation of effort, schedule, resources, risks, and costs in »4D«
  • Simulation of SW development, integration, transformations, and IT services
  • Training and foundation of cost-value engineering methods and tools
  • Optimization of requirements, processes, effort, and cost

Solutions - Disruptive. Digital. Artificial Intelligence.


  • Cost-Value Calculation Tool (AI) - Calculation (effort, schedule, costs, etc.)
  • Benchmarking of solutions, technologies, processes, effort, and cost
  • Reverse engineering of software products (standard / custom) and IT services
  • Digitalization of planning, calculation, evaluation, and procurement

We are the disruptor, leading consultant, and solution provider of Software & IT Service Cost-Value Engineering and recognized as a most objective and trusted advisor by customers and their suppliers.

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»The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.«, Aristotle